Martin Thinks: Who is Martin Cao and what is this blog all about

If you’re here, you’re probably wondering “What is Martin Thinks about?”, “Who is Martin Cao?” and “Is this guy worth my time and attention?”

Let me tell you…

I’m not a “guru”. I’m not here to motivate or inspire you so you can get hyped up only to forget about it the next day. In fact, I agree that motivation, inspiration and self-help in excess can get really cheesy sometimes. Especially when you see it all over your social media feed. I mean, I have nothing against being inspired or motivated, but sometimes it can get a bit too much when people swear by it and deem you wrong for not doing the same. I get that.

And I’m also not fond of the advice that the “secret” to success is just sitting on your couch and wishing for it. And that positive thinking will magically rid of all your troubles. If this is what you were looking for, I have to disappoint you again… I’m not your guy.

Martin Thinks: You can't expect to become successful by just wishing for it

Wishful thinking without taking action just doesn’t work

Martin Thinks wasn’t created to make hard things sound easy. 

I aim to discover what works and what doesn’t work; what gives us permanent change vs. temporary highs. This blog is aimed to be the missing link between your desire for success and your achievement of success. Martin Thinks is a blog where I share my thoughts, tips and strategies on how you can be more, act more and have more.

But here’s the thing. Don’t believe a word I say, before you take action on the concepts yourself. Because I can only speak from my own experience and that of my clients’. So whatever insights I share on Martin Thinks, don’t take my word for it. Instead, take action on them, try them out yourself and be the judge of whether it works for you or not. So don’t be like me because that’s the exact mistake I made…

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Growing up, I followed the only “recipe” I knew to having a great life.

I never questioned it. I studied really hard, got great marks, made it to a top university (college) and secured a graduate role at a top Investment Bank. I thought my life was “set”. I just had to sit back and see where my career would take me. I didn’t really question whether this “recipe” was right for me or not. Because I wasn’t exposed to anything else, I just assumed it was the only option I had.

But it was nothing like how I imagined it. First of all, the only way to earn more was to work harder and longer. But the amount of effort I put in wasn’t proportionate to the raise in salary I would get. For example, if I worked twice as hard or was twice as productive, I wouldn’t be able to double my salary. If I saved millions or won the company a huge deal, my raise would still be dismal compared to my achievements.

I felt like I had almost no control over my income.

Martin Thinks: The effort I put in was not proportionate to what I got out in terms of salary

I had almost no control over my income. Even if I was 2x more productive, I wouldn’t get a 2x salary increase.

Despite this, I was working my butt off. I sacrificed hours and hours of my life, sacrificed family and friends time, sacrificed my hobbies, just to earn a high salary. But this “high salary”, was something I couldn’t even directly affect or control with my efforts. I grew tired, drained and started to resent it with every new sacrifice I had to make. Most of the times it wasn’t even the fact that I missed out on special occasions that bothered me. It bothered me that even when I was at those events, I couldn’t relax and enjoy myself because my mind was still at work.

So I finally quit.

I had enough of all of it. But more importantly, I wanted to take back control. Control over my income, control over my time, control over my life. This time, I thought, I won’t let anyone or anything “feed” me another recipe of life or how to be successful without trying and testing it myself first. And that’s what I also want for you. Fast forward a few years…

I invested almost $100k into my own personal development.

Some great courses and some not so great courses. But I didn’t approach personal development like most people might have. I studied, dissected and completely broke down this multi-billion dollar industry just to answer one question:

“What actually works? And what doesn’t?”

My aim was to cut through the fluff and get to the truth. Because no matter what, I wasn’t going to let anyone or anything provide me another “recipe” for success that didn’t really work for me. Every concept I learned, I would apply it myself to see if it worked for me. 

I almost tried everything a new entrepreneur would try except for creating an app. I started several business ventures, went into online marketing with my brother-in-law, started a career coaching business with my sister, became a transformation coach, became a keynote speaker, ran numerous workshops, hosted my own mini radio show and the list goes on.

During this time, after meeting and working with hundreds of clients, students, business partners and mentors, I discovered that:

There are only three major things that determine our success.

And the three must be taught together. I call it the MTP process which stands for Mindset, Taking Action and Productivity.

Martin Thinks: The MTP process includes Mindset, Taking Action and Productivity

One way or another, Success boils down to the MTP Process which is made up of Mindset, Taking Action and Productivity

I stand behind the MTP process 100%. One way or another, success boils down to these 3 major ingredients. Many gurus might teach these three concepts separately because they like to specialise in certain areas. But I found that teaching one without the other just doesn’t give you the whole truth. It’s like eating cereal without the milk. Or buying a car without an engine. It just doesn’t work. They need to be taught with each other and applied one after the other.

When you start to go down the personal development rabbit hole, you’ll find that most gurus will teach you about mindset. But they stop there. Of course they tell you to “take action” on the concepts you just learnt, but that’s where the flaw lies. Taking action itself, is not common sense. It’s another skill that needs to be learnt, applied and mastered. So action itself is actually a big deal.

And it doesn’t stop there. Again, gurus may stop at the action part. But here’s the thing, you need habits and routines to really 10x your productivity. To beat your competition, whether that’s in business or in your job, productivity is a must. If you take 3 months to do what your competitor does within a whole year, you’ll have the edge. So if you don’t have productivity, it doesn’t matter many actions you take.

Once I discovered this, I wanted to give everyone else this experience of testing and seeing for themselves what Success is all about instead of only being exposed to one option (that is, the option to study hard, get a job, work up the ranks and retire). That’s why I created Martin Thinks and turned the MTP process into a course that would be accessible to everyone at absolutely no cost. The course would be in the form of a challenge to make sure you take action on it every single day for 30 days.

I want to invite you to take my 30 Day Success Challenge 

The 30 Day Success Challenge is aimed to do for you, what the 100k worth of personal development courses did for me, but in 30 days and without any fluff. Each day will be a mini-course on its own, where I’ll be personally teaching you about Mindset for the first 10 days, the Skill of Taking Action for the next 10 days and Extreme Productivity for the final 10 days. Of course, each day comes with a challenge so that you have no option but to take action. Every. Single. Day.

Martin Thinks and the 30 Day Success Challenge was created so that people can make a conscious choice.

A choice about how to live their life and become successful only after they have the opportunity to weigh up their options. Not just choose one path, because that was the only path they were exposed to. I have a vision for the 30 Day Success Challenge to reach the whole world.

So if you like Martin Thinks and find the content useful (take action on it!) and give my 30 Day Success Challenge a try.

And with that, I thank you for becoming a reader of Martin Thinks.

Be extraordinary, rise up to the challenge and I’ll see you in my next post! 


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